22 comments on “Defrocking Liars…Who De-Fraud God’s People

  1. In order to make a change i think we should start with our children, how are we to expect change if we don’t change the next generation…its never too late! and thats why i created the blog called, “B.A.B.Y”

  2. A timely message.Society is people and we need to change.This level of greed and immorality is unsustainable.As humans we were never built to carry this load.We are drowning,God have mercy on us. Thanks for following ,much appreciated.

  3. Many churches (like 99.9%) have grown into big businesses, it is sad but true. I’m with you on this in many ways but hope springs eternal and without faith life would be sad indeed for me.

    • The Church is not the problem…prior to my birth, the Church did a lot of good things in my community…in fact, where Banks sit today, the Church was positioned…schools, hospitals, businesses were started in or by the Church…however, the powers that be, just like the middle-class, saw it as a means of too many of us ‘moving on up’…so the decent and loving people were run out, only to be replaced by these captivating clowns…they are the problem…not the Church…peace

  4. Wow, I agree whole heartily, My testimony attests,
    Your findings are true, there are great out there though, far in-between and true!
    I like your style, thoughts, beliefs/moral standings and opinion on the over-classed standings On what a community truly is and stands by. And the evils that churches are, simply because people see what they want to be seen and are shown… Yes my dear, there are few who are truly grown.
    take care.
    Ayaime- aka Carlie. Happy writing

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  6. It is time for discerning voices to stand up and “call out” the failing church. Thank God for eyes that are open. The world needs truth-tellers. I’m reblogging this and recommending your blog over at ServeHimInTheWaiting.com and thanks for stopping by there yesterday. Blessings!

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